Bayonetta - Combo Megaton Gameplay

'sto gioco ha stile, tanto quanto Devil May Cry, forse piu'.
QUello che non capisco... e' la motivazione di far "sparire" i vestiti alla tizia durante alcune combo... o almeno... non riesco a spiegarmi perche' non accada in DMC....



Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

Listen -- not every game at E3 is a winner. The Joystiq heavyweights get to go play all the big games and interview all of the developer hotshots, and that's the stuff you love reading about. But some of us are down in the trenches, doing all of the demos that no one else wants to do, checking out all the games whose names are read around the schedule planning table, and answered only with the silence of bloggers who have better games to play.
You're in a small, windowless room up in the higher tiers of the E3 meeting space. There is an attractive woman there (speaking with an Australian accent, dressed in a black Sega shirt) playing a DS that contains a copy of MaSatWG with two new characters (Donkey Kong, and Metal Sonic) and three brand new events for the game (alpine skiing, bobsled, and dream snowboarding). Wires lead out from the DS to a huge television, that show both screens of each minigame in bright LED. Beside the television stands a Japanese man named Osamu Ohashi, who's worked on Sonic games since Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and who now serves as lead producer on the Sonic and Mario Olympic games. He is speaking in Japanese about how the bobsled event uses two characters, one controlled with the d-pad, and one with the face buttons, to turn the sled, and how if both characters lean at the same time, a "teamwork meter" fills up and delivers a boost of speed. You know he is talking about this because there is a translator next to him, repeating what he says in English after he finishes speaking in Japanese.
As the demo is ending, you gesture towards Ohashi, and say, timidly, "Can we ask questions?" He looks at you and doesn't seem to understand -- he's an older man, and he strangely seems frightened that an American blogger is coming at him. He looks to the attractive woman for help. "You'll have to talk to the PR people outside," she says in her heavy Australian accent. "This demo is over."

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